The Slow Mo Guys Capture Beautiful 4K Footage of an Iceland Geyser and Waterfall in Slow Motion

In the premiere episode of Planet Slow Mo, hosts Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy of The Slow Mo Guys travel to Iceland in order to capture beautiful slow motion footage of one of the country’s most famous geysers, the Strokkur Geyser. After filming with their own equipment, Dan surprised Gavin with the “biggest drone” they’d ever seen. The drone was fixed up with all sorts of tech in order to transmit the images they wanted, but it cut down on flying time.

It is probably one of the largest commercial drones in the world for aerial photography. Of all the Phantoms we’ve ever used, this is the biggest one.

Dan: We’ve also got a bunch of other stuff that’s not supposed to be on there. The household router there. We can’t trail a long BNC cable from a drone so we have a Wi-Fi router and then using an app on my phone to trigger the camera. We also have full lens control, so that’s nice. The batteries are powering the drone, the router, the camera and everything, so you haven’t got much flight time.

Slow Mo Selfoss Geyser Iceland

Then they moved on to Gulfoss, where they captured stunning footage of the gorgeous waterfall in slow motion.

The sun is setting on another lovely day of slow-mo. That was actually an interesting one because, even though it didn’t require anything from us subject wise, we decided to film it in the most difficult way possible.