I Collect Gingers, Portraits of Redheads by Anthea Pokroy

I Collect Gingers” is an ongoing photo series by South African photographer (and natural redhead) Anthea Pokroy where she captures images of other natural redheads. The project started in August 2010 and to date, she now has over 500 redheads in her ‘collection.’ On Indiegogo, she has a fundraising campaign to create a coffee table book from the images.

I collect gingers is a project about identity, prejudice and racial classification, segregation and elitism which explores my own personal histories of being Jewish and South African. This artwork will be manifested by collecting gingers (or red heads) through archiving and documenting them individually and in groups. This will be presented as a multimedia exhibition which will include photography, video, installation and performance.

via Flavorwire, PetaPixel