Photographer Captures a Surfacing Humpback Whale Shooting Rainbows Out of His Blowhole

Blowhole Rainbow

In July 2015, photographer Mark Girardeau of Orange County Outdoors captured the incredible sight of a humpback whale known as Wally as he shot a rainbow out of his blowhole while he surfacing above the water in Newport Beach, California.

A Humpback Whale known as Wally producing a nice rainbow off the coast of Newport Beach. Royce Hutain was the captain of his boat while I flew my aerial camera and Jason Anderson had a second aerial camera.

The same footage with sound posted by Captain Royce Hutain.

More recently, Girardeau captured a beautiful still of another blowhole rainbow from a mother humpback making her way to Alaska from Laguna Beach, with her tiny calf at her side.