Rwandan Genocide Survivor Finds Peace in Taking Humorous Photos of Squirrels and Other Small Wildlife

Niki Colemont, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, spoke with 60 Second Docs about his love for photographing squirrels in and around his home in Belgium. Colemont explained that he is quite fond of how curious his subjects are, how he doesn’t mind waiting for however long in order to capture the right shot, and how never manipulates his photos.

Colemont, a National Geographic 2019 photo finalist, also stated that he finds peace in what he does.

Niki Colemont, is a wildlife photographer and a survivor who fled the Rwandan genocide at just four years old, arriving in Belgium as a refugee. The National Geographic 2019 finalist photographer finds peace today in photographing squirrels, who he considers ‘the perfect models.’

Here’s some of Colemont’s work with squirrels and other small animals of the forest.

via PetaPixel