How To Ride the Subway in New York City Without Annoying Anyone

For the NY Daily News, Meena Hart Duerson asked reporter Jamie Shupak to make this informative video on how to maneuver the New York City subway system without annoying anyone. Included items: well-ventilated clothing choices, carrying bottles of hand sanitizer, who qualifies to give up your seat to (like cute date-able girls) and much more.

Ok, so you think you know how to ride the subway. But are you doing it as well as you could be – or are you committing some serious straphanger violations? NY1’s (adorable) Rail & Road reporter Jamie Shupak breaks it down: What to wear, what not to wear, if it’s ever acceptable to eat underground, how you should be holding that pole, and even how to pick up a cute girl…

Do your hygiene at home