How Photographer Ansel Adams Captured an Image Exactly How He Saw It in His Mind’s Eye

In his latest video, Evan “The Nerdwriter” Puschak takes a look at the stunning work of legendary American photographer Ansel Adams and the process he would go through in order to ensure that the photo he was taking matched the image in his mind’s eye. This process, called visualization, played a large role in Adams’ work, but it seems that same determined intention to photography is getting lost with the immense number of digital photos uploaded everyday to various social media sites.

Ansel Adams, work his devotion to craft, and more importantly intention photography is an important example in our time when there are more pictures posted in six months than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Having fought so hard for the acceptance of photography as an art, Adams probably would have laughed at a statistic like that. Today everyone has a camera but how many visualize what they’re going to capture beforehand? How many measure the light or hike for a day to reach the perfect spot? So the next time you walk by one of Ansel Adams photographs in the hallway of your doctor’s office, take a longer look and remember that our photographic world is the one he gave us.