Ghosts of War, Then and Now Composite Photos of World War II

Ghosts of War by Jo Teeuwisse

“Ghosts of War” is an ongoing series of then and now composite photos of Europe during World War II. Dutch historian Jo Teeuwisse creates each image by first tracking down the location depicted in the photo. She then replicates the photo with her own camera (some modern day photos were taken by claude.demeester) and digitally combines the images into a ghostly composite. For more of her then and now composites, see her Flickr collection “The Ghosts of History.”

Ghosts of war - France; taken prisoner

Ghosts of war - Amsterdam; Dam Square shooting 1945 Amsterdam, then & now

Ghosts of war - France; sign of the times

Ghosts of war - France; Surrender

Ghosts of war - France; Left behind

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images by Jo Teeuwisse

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