Fat Cats: Large and In Charge, A Sweet Portrait Book That Captures the Lovability of Portly Felines

Fat Cats: Large and in Charge is a beautiful portrait series by Toronto-based photographer Pete Thorne that captures the lovability of portly felines that truly belie their gruff exteriors. As he did with his previous project “Old Faithful: Dogs of a Certain Age”, Thorne will be posting a new fat cat portrait every day on social media and is currently raising funds through Kickstarter to turn this photo series into a book.

Similar to my previous senior dog book OLD FAITHFUL: Dogs of a Certain Age, I realized that larger, chubby cats were somewhat under represented in popular culture in favor of more svelte, slimmer cats. I decided it was time to celebrate them and put them in the spotlight. Having photographed a large number of cats so far and having speaking to their owners one thing became clear: you own a dog, but a cat owns you. They are in charge. This is reflected in these stories and images. Fat Cats intends to honour 75 of these cuddly creatures in a 150 page 8×10 hard cover coffee table book with thoughtful tributes from their owners and, most importantly, 150 beautiful photographs of these chubby cats.

via Feature Shoot