Oregon Farm Drops a 1,200 Pound Pumpkin From 100 Feet in the Air Into an Inflatable Pool

An enormous pumpkin was hoisted up 100 feet in the air with a crane above an inflatable pool and then was dropped with a satisfying splash that nearly emptied the pool of all its water. This seasonal event took place during the Bauman Farm Harvest Festival in Gervais, Oregon.

Bauman’s Giant Pumpkin Drop is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: taking a cast-off giant pumpkin, hoisting it 100 feet in the air with a crane, and dropping it into an inflatable pool.

The fated pumpkin had begun to rot and couldn’t be entered in the “Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off”. However, as luck would have it, the pumpkin was able to lend its immense girth to this wonderful cause instead.

This year, the pumpkin in question was a 1,200-pounder that had developed a hole during its growth. It began to rot and wouldn’t be able to be entered in the festival’s Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off, which led it down a different path, one equal parts spectacular and brief.

Dropping 1200 Pound Pumpkin Into Inflatable Pool

via Born in Space