Double Exposure Portraits of Humans and Pets That Are Reminiscent of Cringey 1980s High School Photos

Professional pet photographer Danielle Spires of Cat Party Pet Portraits has created a wonderfully amusing double exposure portrait series that features people with their beloved pets. While this style is highly reminiscent of cringey 1980s high school portraits, Spires also unironically captures the beauty of reciprocal trust between humans and animals.

Spires says that she started this series after she lost one of her own cats.

I love shooting animals and have found a way to heal from losing my cat by giving people a cherished portrait they can love for decades, as well as a good laugh…In 2018, I found out both of my beloved cats had received cancer diagnoses. My cat Noguchi passed away from lymphoma, and Panton survived thyroid cancer. I was beside myself with grief from losing my best friend and almost $24k in debt from vet bills. I decided to pivot my portrait business to pet portraits and give people what I always gave myself and my cats—weird and unique portraits of people and their pets.

Sometimes the pets appear apart from their humans.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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