Doritos Silent, AI Powered Crunch Cancelling Software For PC Gaming

Doritos UK collaborated with Smooth Technology in Brooklyn to develop Doritos Silent, AI powered crunch-cancelling software for Windows computers that eliminates the distracting crunching sound of chips/crisps during group gaming, voice chats, and video conferencing.

The crunch is a key reason consumers love Doritos. With this new ‘crunch-cancellation technology,’ Doritos gives gamers the ability to continue enjoying the crunch without disrupting their fellow players’ performance.

The machine-learning technology listened to the sound of over 5,000 crunches to effectively recognize and silence distracting chip consumption.

Crunch Cancellation is powered by artificial intelligence that has been trained by over 5,000 Doritos crunches, so no crunch will go undetected

The software (Windows only) can be downloaded through the Doritos Silent site.

Crunch Cancellation software is currently only available on Windows PCs.

Thanks Jason Laskodi!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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