Dog Rings Neighbor’s Doorbell at 4 AM to Say Hello

A woman named Char was awoken by Bruce, her neighbor’s dog, who was ringing her doorbell at 4 AM to say hello. Rather than getting angry, Char got out of bed and let him inside, where he played with the resident cat’s toys and engaged in adorable zoomies. When he tired out, Bruce went to sleep on Char’s sofa.

So after Bruce rang the doorbell, of course I got out of bed and let him inside. (This wasn’t the first time he stopped by to say hello.

Char tried to contact the neighbors the next day to tell them where Bruce was but they weren’t home.

After giving him some lovings, I left him some water and treats for the night. I called the neighbors, but nobody answered so I left a message that he was safe and sound on my couch.

Later that day, the neighbors picked up their dog.

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