Photographer Creates Amusing Christmas Cards That Feature His Dog Dressed Up in Elaborate Scenes

For the past 20-plus years, Bristol, UK photographer Peter Thorpe has been dressing up his dog Raggle (and sometimes his kids) in elaborate seasonal scenes specifically created for his highly amusing annual family Christmas cards.

…so, 2 dogs, 3 children and now over 20 Christmas’s later, making these cards has become something of a family tradition and a lovely record to treasure. The fun for me, has been choosing to continue to create these traditionally rather than with Photoshop, by making my own sets + props and using a fair bit of food bribery!

Peter also gives props to Raggle, who is retiring from the project this year.

The final performance for Raggle before her retirement. Elderly + with a weak heart, she still responds very well to tasty food so we lifted her on set for just a few minutes. Like a true pro, sat in position and gave a few head and eye line options before returning to her basket for another snooze!

via PetaPixel

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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