A Documentary About Real Life Superheroes in San Diego

In this Ashton Kutcher produced Subculture Club documentary episode on Thrash Lab, we get a look at how and why a group of real life superheroes in San Diego have banded together to serve and protect.

Superheroes are for both children and adults. With so many varying characters there is at least one superhero everyone can take a liking to. We heard about these guys that live their lives playing the role of a superhero, but we didn’t really understand why they did it; if it was because of their love and appreciation for superheroes or to actually protect their communities. In this episode of Subculture Club, Thrash Lab explores a community of Real Life Superheroes in San Diego and captured a glimpse into their lives and the behaviors that make them superheroes in real life.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips