Diver Ocean Ramsey Swims With ‘Deep Blue’, One of the Largest Great White Sharks in the World

Diver, conservationist, and marine biologist Ocean Ramsey, who seems to have quite an amazing way with sharks, whales, and other large sea dwelling creatures, swam alongside an enormous female great white shark in the waters of Oahu, Hawaii. “Deep Blue”, as she is known, is one of the largest great white sharks in the world. Ramsey was doubly pleased to learn that not only was this the same shark with whom she swam on previous dives but that she believed the shark was pregnant.

It’s so hard to choose, so many beautiful moments I am so eternally grateful for sharks please help save them. I am without words and at the same time I think I never stop speaking up for sharks, I am grateful beyond measure for my experiences and what they have taught me. This photo was taken yesterday off my home waters of Oahu, Hawaii with a Shark I think I’ve met previously in Isla Guadalupe graced us with her big beautiful incredible presence.