Gorgeous Footage of Sika Deer Relaxing Among the Japanese Cherry Blossoms at Nara Park in Japan

While shooting a traditional Japanese wedding at Nara Park in Japan, photographer Kazuki Ikeda captured absolutely gorgeous footage of the resident Sika deer relaxing in a blanket of pink petals from the iconic Japanese cherry blossoms. The park was quite empty due to a declared state of emergency.

(translated) It was the day after the emergency was declared in Japan, but it was taken with only two people outdoors. Also, if you live in Nara Prefecture, you can avoid the infection as much as possible, such as by coming from your home to Nara Park with your own car. Also, due to the schedule for the future marriage, it was difficult to postpone shooting, so we just decided to shoot.

Here are some other beautiful shots of the cherry blossoms in Nara Park.

via My Modern Met