Beautiful Aerial Photos and Footage of 12 Circular Community Gardens Near Copenhagen, Denmark

World-traveling photographer Henry Do captured beautiful aerial photos and footage of 12 unique circular gardens at Broendbyernes Haveby near Copenhagen. This community green space offers city residents an opportunity to get back in touch with nature in a quiet, yet semi-social surroundings. The specific design of the space is a nostalgic call back to old Danish traditions.

The intention behind this unique layout was to mimic the traditional patterns of the 18th century Danish villages, where people would use the middle as a focal point for hanging out, mingle and social interchange between neighbors. To create somewhat of a privacy between each gardens, the bordering hedges are slanted towards the middle and being used for parking

The gardens were designed by landscape architect Erik Myglind in the 1960s.

West of Brøndbyvester there was a suitable area and associated garden architect Erik Mygind asked to draw up a plan for a garden city. He made a highly unconventional solution, where the gardens were created in circles, each divided into 24 “layer cake cut”. Around the circles there were green lawns with room for ball games and play.

Prints of these photos and Do’s other work are available through his Society 6 store.