A Gregarious Black Cat Whose Tail Was Bitten by a Rhinoceros Becomes Best Friends With Another Rhino

A gregarious black cat named Mia who lives at the Safari Park Dvur Králové in the Czech Republic had previously suffered a grievous injury when a resident rhinoceros bit off part of her tail. Despite this traumatic event, Mia has not developed a fear of these majestic beasts, in fact, she and another rhino named Emilka have become the very best of friends, spending as much time together as possible at the park. Photographer Ami Vitale captured this odd couple very lovingly interacting with one another.

The adorable kitty Mia had her tail bitten off by a different rhino when she was younger. But, she persisted, kept her heart open and found true love with a rhino named Emilka at Dvur Kralove.

via Boing Boing