Candy Cuisine, A Whimsical Series of Individual Meals Elaborately Recreated With Candy

Pastrami on Rye
A DELIGHTFUL COMBO – fruit leather, butter pecan cake, icing, bubble tape, airhead and grapefruit slices

Food artist Jess Gabe has created Candy Cuisine, a fanciful series of different meals, such as hot dogs and chicken pot pie, elaborately mimicked using various sweets.

The concept of Candy.Cuisine was born after stumbling upon several playful food photography blogs and photographers. I was immediately intrigued by their use of food as art, and knew I needed to create something of my own. It was then that I thought, “Wouldn’t it be really neat if I could manage to manipulate candy and make it look like real food?”…And that’s exactly what I did! Using candy as a medium does get a bit ‘sticky,’ as there is a limit to what I can use. It forces me to constantly think outside of the…wrapper. Although tricky at times, candy allows me to create whimsical and unique art, which I hope others enjoy as much as I do.

Eat Your Vegetables
EAT YOUR VEGETABLES – caramels, Dots, malt balls, caramel sauce, Boston Baked Beans, candy corn and Cool Whip

Papaya King
FIT FOR A PAPAYA KING – Twinkies, Rice Krispie treat with gingerbread cake mix, french roasted peanuts, gummy bears, Laffy Taffy, grapefruit slices and icing

What'd Jew Know
WHAT JEW’KNOW ABOUT THIS SPREAD? – rice krispie treat, sprinkles, icing, airheads, nerds, cookie dough, kool-aid, dots and sugared coconut

Chicken Not Pie
CHICKEN NOT PIE – caramels, icing, malt balls, Dots and candy corn

Wine and Cavities
WINE AND CAVITIES – icing, oranges and cream fudge, Starbursts, white chocolate bar, cooking white chocolate, candied almonds, root beer barrels and caramel sauce

images via Candy Cuisine

via BuzzFeed