British Inventors Depart London In Flying Car, Headed For Timbuktu

guest post by Aaron Muszalski

Gideon Cardoso, Neil Laughton and the Skycar

Last Wednesday, a team of “slightly mad” engineers and adventurers left London on an historic journey to Timbuktu, via bio-fuelled flying car. Their invention, the Parajet Skycar, combines a dune-buggy like automobile with a propeller and a parafoil (similar to those used in powered parachutes and by paragliders) and is capable of being flown in the air and driven on the land.

The Parajet Skycar Expedition

After leaving London and crossing the English Channel, the expedition will pass through France, Spain, Morocco, the Western Sahara and Mali, a 3,600 mile journey in all, 40% of which they expect to travel by air. They hope to reach Timbuktu on February 20.

Skycar Expedition route

To see the Skycar in action and meet its creators, check out this article and video from The Guardian.

photo by The Guardian

images via Parajet