Blendscapes, Surreal Photo Series Featuring Clothing That Disappears Into the Landscape

Photographer Tse Kao and designer Elsien Gringhuis partnered together at the Wad & Design Symposium, which took place on the Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog, to create “Blendscapes“, a beautiful photo and fashion series featuring unique designs that merges together the local seaside landscape with garments that virtually disappear into said landscape. Designer Gringhuis took specific photos of the island and incorporated them into different pieces of clothing for a wonderfully surreal effect.

For these series we worked together with fashion designer Elsien Gringhuis. Elsien’s designs of the garments are an abstraction of the landscapes of Schiermonnikoog. She incorporated the photographs of the islander landscapes into the garments as prints. By photographing the garments in the exact same landscapes, we created ‘BLENDSCAPES’. “Despite the amount of visitors you barely feel that there are other people on the island than you. You can move around without meeting anyone and thus disappear into the landscape. That feeling was the reason for a series of five outfits where you can literally blend into the landscape. ”

via PetaPixel