Bill Nye the Science Guy Teaches Chris Hardwick How To Tie a Bowtie

Bill Nye the Science Guy was recently a guest on the Nerdist Podcast where he talks about “his friendship with Carl Sagan, why science is the best idea EVER…” and announced the return of the Science Guy videos. He also spent a bit of time teaching Chris Hardwick how to tie a bowtie. In this gem of a clip, watch as Nye shares his bow-tie tying knowledge with Hardwick, who like many never learned how to in the first place.

Ever learn how to tie a bow tie? Chris Hardwick didn’t, but he got a personal lesson from an expert: Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Learn along with Chris and you’ll find out how much a “schminkity-wink” is.

“It’s just that simple!” Yep.

Bill Nye and Chris Hardwick