Father Digitally Inserts His Adorable Baby Girl Into Photos of Incredible Situations

Swedish father and photographer Emil Nyström has created a fantastic photo series where he digitally inserts his adorable baby girl Signhild into incredible situations. To make his daughter appear to be completing adult sized tasks, Emil did a lot of digital manipulation magic in Adobe Photoshop and received help from his wife (holding Signhild up for photos). He explains his inspiration for the photo series in a great interview that he had with Phlearn.

Can you tell us about the photo “Birthday Party”? How fun was this to create?!

“I love creating all these conceptual pictures. This one we took about a month before she turned 1. I had the idea in my head for quite a while. At that time she still couldn’t stand by herself so we had to hold her up and Photoshop the hands away. She was so excited about being allowed to stand on the table and there were so many colorful things to look at. I like the editing progress in Photoshop just as much as I like shooting, so I guess I’m in the right line of work for me.”