Artist Uses 17 Meters of Mirrors to Represent a Lake That’s Been Broken Into Pieces

Visual artist Erik Johansson has created “Impact“, a brilliant installation in which he imagined a lake shattering into pieces like a mirror and then used 17 meters of mirror to make his vision come true.

This is an image I’ve been working on for the past months. I wanted to create an image where a lake is breaking up as a mirror. I wanted to make the effect look as realistic as possible so I decided to buy 17 square meters of mirrors last summer and brought out the mirrors, a boat and the model to a stone-pit. I thought it could be fun to share the process and to show how much work there is behind creating just one piece.

Johansson also shared a behind-the-scenes video showing how he created and captured the image.

via ISO 1200, PetaPixel