Artist Creates Scaled Models of Famous Galleries That Feature Enormous Real Faces at the Center

Georgian artist Tezi Gabunia has created “Put Your Head Into Gallery“, a fascinating interactive installation in which he created scale models of different renowned art galleries and featured enormous faces at the center of each miniature show.

Put Your Head into Gallery emphasizes Tezi Gabunia’s one of the main concepts – falsification and triggers a dialogue with hiper [sic] realistic issues. The project evolved in two stages. At the first event, under a concept of falsification, Tezi Gabunia presented his false exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. The second stage involved scaled copy of famous gallery rooms with exhibitions of different artist: The Louvre (Rubens), Tate Modern (Hirst), Gagosian Gallery (Liechtenstein). The main technical support used during the production of models is laser cutting technology. The materials used: PVC, plexiglass, wooden paper, two-component glue.