Polish Photographer Constructs Arcimboldo Inspired Faces From Colorful Produce of All Kinds

Arcimboldiana #6

Polish photographer Anna Tokarska has created an amazing photo series entitled “Arcimboldiana” for which she constructed wonderfully comical faces out of different types of produce. Similar to a 2015 project by Emily Dryden and Zahydé Pietri, this project pays tribute to the 16th century works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

The inspiration behind the work, are the paintings of XVI Italian mannerist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who has been known for his incredible allegorical-still life-portraits. The whole set of eight photographs took about a month to complete. Each was built vertically with great care, measuring from 50-80cm, then photographed. Arcimboldiana is also part of BA Defense Diploma, defended with honors, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, curated by prof. Piotr Komorowski

Arcimboldiana #2

Arcimboldiana #7

Arcimboldiana #3

Arcimboldiana #8


photos by Anna Tokarska