An Incredibly Tense Speedrun Through a Ridiculously Complicated Custom ‘Super Mario World’ Level

Super Mario World speedrunner PangaeaPanga took three years to create and then successfully complete a custom level of the video game filled with ridiculously complicated bits and pieces that require intense focus and split-second timing to finish. More on the level and its construction and completion is available at the SMW Central forums.

Finally, after the introduction to the first level back in 2009, the Item Abuse series comes to a close with the release of Item Abuse 3! The final episode was due to the product of 3 years of on-and-off work, with the approximately 40% of the past 2 months being dedicated solely to this project. And after furiously being frustrated at even beating my own level, it is complete.

This isn’t the first time PangaeaPanga has created a custom level before zooming through it in a tool-assisted speedrun, but it is the latest and perhaps most complicated in the series.

[TAS] Item Abuse 2 by PangaeaPanga & Regnum0nline in 7:02.11

via The A.V. Club