Amazing Swirling Light Art Captured With Long Exposures on a Huawei P8 Mobile Phone

Keow Wee Loong, a Bangkok-based photographer without a fear of heights, has transformed humans into swirling, glowing light art and subway rails into underground light trails that he created with six- to seven-minute exposures on his Huawei P8 mobile phone in two separate series respectively called Rooted and Time Vortex. Long explained the motivation behind both series in an interview with The Creators Project.

Rooted is about modern society living in urban city, where we are constantly surrounded by artificial light,” Loong explains. “The flames show anger around a woman tangled in artificial lights. Time vortex is about the feeling of being one with the speed of light. It shows the hectic lifestyle of people living in a big city, where we are constantly moving so fast that we forget the important things in our lives.

via The Creator’s Project, PetaPixel