Adam’s Block, Live Video of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District

Our friend Adam Jackson has setup a pair of web cams streaming live video 24 hours a day from his apartment at the corner Taylor and Ellis in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. The video is streamed via on his website Adam’s Block.

I live in a neighborhood in San Francisco that has some pretty interesting things go on every day. This camera is not a reflection of me or my way of life but it’s showing the view from my apartment on Taylor Street in San Francisco. My block never sleeps and there is noise at all hours of the night. It’s most interesting between 7PM-3AM and during weekends.

Adam has been getting a lot of attention on his project, including a recent death threat.

This reminds me of the infamous “Crack Cam” that Wrybread setup in his San Francisco neighborhood back in 1999.

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UPDATE 1: C.W. Nevius wrote about Adam’s Block in his SF Chronicle column.

UPDATE 2: SFist and The San Francisco Citizen are both reporting that Adam’s Block has been taken offline.

UPDATE 3: C.W. Nevius wrote a follow-up a piece for the San Francisco Chronicle: “Lessons from that Tenderloin camera Web site”