A Little Girl and Her English Bulldog, A Story of Growing Up Together Through Photos

Harper and Lola Dressed Up

Michigan-based photographer Rebecca Leimbach is continually documenting the beautiful “sibling” relationship between her daughter Harper and their English Bulldog named Lola, a relationship that formed on the day Harper was born.

They have a funny bond. Harper loves Lola immensely, except when Lola eats her toys, which happens quite often. Lola is very protective of Harper, she is always in Harper’s business. Whatever Harper is doing, Lola must investigate to make sure it’s kosher…I hope that people see what wonderfully amazing animals dogs are, and how their connection with people shape our lives. Like Harper, for example, she’s never bored with Lola around…When Harper looks back at her childhood through these images, she will remember ‘my first best friend’ Lola. I hope people take away from the images that sometimes without us even realizing it, dogs fill an empty space in our hearts. – My Modern Metropolis

Harper and Lola Girls

Harper and Lola (Bathtub Edition)

Harper and Lola (Breakfast Edition)

Harper and Lola (Lederhosen Edition)

Harper and Lola (Painting Edition)

Harper and Lola (Rabbit and Mouse Edition)

Harper and Lola Chariot

images by Rebecca Leimbach

via My Modern Metropolis