A Greek Gas Station Wedding, Photos by Nick Hannes

Nick Hannes

While shooting for his ‘Projet Méditerranée’ project, Belgian photographer Nick Hannes stumbled on an unusual wedding reception being held at a gas station in Patras, Greece. The groom and the owner of the station, Christos Karalis, decided to host the party to celebrate his nuptials with his new wife, Anna, as a way to save on party expenses. A family member said to Hannes, “This is how we respond to the crisis. Please show these pictures to [German chancellor Angela] Merkel. A Greek keeps on laughing and celebrating, even when his money is being taken away” (referring to the European financial crisis that has hit Greece hard). The entire image gallery can be viewed at the photographer’s blog.

Late at night traditional Greek music was being played and people started to dance the sirtaki. It was a great party. Not only because of the setting, but also because of the hospitality of the whole family.

Crisis Wedding party

Crisis wedding party

Crisis Wedding Party

photos by Nick Hannes via PDN and the photographer

via PDN and Suzy Clement Photographs