A Behind the Scenes Look at the Photographer Who Wants Capture a 30 Year Timelapse of the NYC Skyline

For the very first episode of the online series Big Timelapse Stories, photographer Emeric Le Bars takes a look at the incredible work of photographer and filmmaker Joseph DiGiovanna. DiGiovanna, whose Weehawken, New Jersey apartment looks directly over the west side of Manhattan, is on a mission to “film and post the sunrise over NYC every day for at least 30 years.” So far, he’s four years into this ambitious project, which has grown to include much more than the sunrise. During the interview, DiGiovanna shared with De Bars his setup, his process and the reason for doing this.

The funny thing about the 30 year timeline. I just want it to go forever. As the sun goes down it sort of chooses a different building each night to shine on. It’s unpredictable where the sun’s going to go down, but that was always my dad’s favorite thing to sit and watch the sunset. The city just lights up gold and silver. It’s amazing. my dad actually passed away just before I figured out how to do this.. project is a tribute for my father in loving memory.

We previously wrote about the amazing footage DiGiovanna captured of the lights coming back on in Times Square after the brief July 13, 2019 blackout on the West Side of Manhattan.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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