Amazing 1945 Archival ‘Dash Cam’ and Rumble Seat Footage of a Car Ride Through Lower Manhattan

1945 Dashcam Footage

Using footage from the Internet Archive’s 35mm stock footage collection, YouTuber WDTVLIVE42 has put together an amazing “dash cam” and rumble seat views of the streets of lower Manhattan taken from a moving car in 1945. Both the frontward and backward facing parts of the film captures daily city life during the beginning of the post-war WWII era.

The first half of the film uses a forward looking camera, the remainder of the film shows the views from a rear facing camera. The scenes capture many classic and vintage cars from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s including many Ford and General Motors vehicles that were so common during this period, as well as the iconic Taxi Cabs of NYC.

via The Awesomer