Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes

Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes

ThinkGeek has released a gory collection of Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes into the wild to satisfy the hunger of zombie fans worldwide. You can choose from either a gun wielding survivor gnome or being-eating zombie gnome. They are available to purchase online. Previously, we wrote about a similar series of Zombie Garden Gnomes by Chris Stever and Jane DeRosa.

If Fluffy were to rise out of the small shoebox coffin in the backyard, zombie human deterrents wouldn’t be necessary, it’d be maximum overkill. That’s why you prepare for the more logically inevitable with Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes. Birds, rodents, Fluffies, Spots, and the occasional raccoon can still spread the infectious zombie disease, but with armed garden gnomes, your yard will be a safe zone.

Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes

images via ThinkGeek

Written by Justin Page

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