United States Election Day 2008 Coverage Online

Much of this year’s US presidential election race has taken place online and on election day will see it all come to a head. Here are a few ways to keep track of it all:

- Current Diggs the Election (Current, Digg, Twitter & 12seconds)

- Election 2008 on Twitter

- Twitter Vote Report

- MSNBC Decision 08 Dashboard

- CNN Election Center

- New York Times Presidential Election Guide 2008

- 2008 U.S. Election on Google

- US Elections on Digg

- Election 2008 on Facebook

- United States Presidential Election 2008 on Wikipedia

- Huffington Post Roundup of Election Day Widgets

- Electoral Map by Daily Kos

- Talking Points Memo Election Central

- US Election on NowPublic

- The Ultimate Guide to Live Election Coverage by NewTeeVee

- Video Your Vote (YouTube & PBS)

- Video the Vote

- Vimeo Exit Poll

- sayHear

- 2008 Election Bingo Game

- ProPublica’s VoteWatch

- perspctv

- 270toWin.com

- FiveThirtyEight

Oh and make sure to get out there and vote!

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