Unicorn Poop Soap, ‘Smell Like a Fecal Rainbow!’

Outlaw Soaps

We’ve already seen sparkly rainbow unicorn poop cookies, but now Outlaw Soaps has created Unicorn Poop Soap that says it will make you “smell like a fecal rainbow.” The sparkle-packed soap is “hewn from solid rainbows” and is a layered assortment of delicious scents like birthday cake, blueberry muffin, cola, butterscotch, and vanilla. Outlaw Soaps also sells Bacon Soap — which both looks and smells like bacon, but doesn’t taste like bacon — and Hair of the Dog, which is made using whiskey and coffee.

Outlaw Soaps

Outlaw Soaps

images via Outlaw Soaps

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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