Underground Kingdom, Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Style Gamebook iOS App

Underground Kingdom

Will you survive the journey to the center of the Earth?

Underground Kingdom, an interactive gamebook app created by Visual Baker studio, is based off of a Choose Your Own Adventure book of the same name by author Edward Packard. It features beautiful illustrations throughout by artist Karla Diaz. The gamebook app is available to purchase on iTunes for the iPad (coming soon to the iPhone).

Underground Kingdom is an interactive gamebook where you are the hero of the adventure. We’ve reimagined the concept of Choose Your Own AdventureĀ®* series by turning these classics into gamebooks with world-class artwork, animation, interactivity and sound-effects. Journey through the story, come face-to-face with interactive characters, and make plot-changing choices along the way.

Underground Kingdom

Underground Kingdom

images via Visual Baker, Karla Diaz

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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