Time-Lapse Video of US Airways 1549 Jet Emerging From The Icy Hudson, Now Up For Auction

David Martin created this haunting, time-lapse video of the effort to raise US Airways Flight 1549 from the icy depths of the Hudson River, one year ago. Can someone please get that jet a cup of hot cocoa?!

Or perhaps you’d rather have the actual plane itself as a souvenir.

The salvaged hulk of the 1999 Airbus A320-214 that crash landed in the Hudson is now up for auction. The engines aren’t included in the sale, but rest assured that according to the auction listing, “the aircraft was treated with a corrosion inhibitor in the summer of 2009.”

USAir 1549, For Sale

USAir 1549, For Sale

USAir 1549, For Sale

photos by Chartis

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