The Fuck It Brand Ashtray, Because You Know You Shouldn’t

Fuck it.

The Fuck It Brand Ashtray, made by Richard Stevens of Diesel Sweeties, is a limited-run glass ashtray that simply says “Fuck it.” and has the tagline: “Because you know you shouldn’t.” The ashtray’s artwork is by illustrator Chris Piascik. It is available to purchase at the Diesel Sweeties online store.

“Fuck it” is a thing I’ve been wanting to make for years. We all get stuck in procrastination and self-doubt sometimes. It’s impossible not to. I’ve found that almost every time I’ve actually gotten something done, it’s been when I said “Fuck it” and just jumped right in.

I don’t smoke, but felt that no single item better represented learning to let go in the face of all evidence to the contrary quite like ashtrays.

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