The Columbo Encyclopedia, Pen-and-Ink Drawings of Columbo Characters

Columbo Murderer #17

Martin Landau as Dexter and Norman Paris in Season 2, Episode 8: “Double Shock”, Air Date: March 25, 1973

The Columbo Encyclopedia is a Tumblr blog by Brooklyn-based artist Rick Baker that features pen-and-ink drawings based on characters from the long-running television detective mystery show, Columbo. Volume I of the Encyclopedia features the show’s murderers/villians and future entries will include illustrations of the victims. Here’s a look at the entire archive of images from The Columbo Encyclopedia.

Columbo Murderer #1

Gene Barry as Dr. Ray Flemming in Pilot 1 – ”Prescription: Murder”, Air Date: February 20, 1968

Columbo Murderer #16

Laurence Harvey as Emmett Clayton in Season 2, Episode 7: “The Most Dangerous Match”, Air Date: March 4, 1973

Columbo Murderer #7

Susan Clark as Beth Chadwick in Season 1, Episode 5: “Lady in Waiting”, Air Date: December 15, 1971

images via Rick Baker

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