Suck the Balls! An Interactive Vacuum-Powered Ball Machine

“Suck the Balls!” is an artfully titled kinetic sculpture by artist Niklas Roy that invites participants to suck plastic balls into a whimsical network of acrylic tubes that stretches several stories up a staircase at the Goethe-Institut in Kraków. The sculpture includes a ball collection pit at the base, 260 feet of tubing, and 10,000 plastic balls. Participants stand in the ball pit and collect balls with a vacuum wand (the sculpture is powered by an ordinary vacuum cleaner). High above them, the balls are collected in a box, which the participant can then open via a cable, dumping a shower of balls on themselves to start the process anew. “Suck the Balls!” will be on display through December 2014.

Vacuum Powered Ball Machine

Vacuum Powered Ball Machine

Vacuum Powered Ball Machine

GIF via Prosthetic Knowledge, photos via Niklas Roy

via Hack A Day

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