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A Daring Man Demonstrates Highly Dangerous Ways to Remove a Movember Mustache

Professional and daring electrical engineer Mehdi Sadaghdar (previously) demonstrates a few highly dangerous ways to remove a Movember mustache in his most recent video. He tries his luck at applying a homemade taser to his prickly face, burning his mustache off with fire, and much more.

The Movember is over and it’s time to shave, or remove the mustache (Moustache?) any way possible!

‘Let It Grow’, A Parody of ‘Let It Go’ From the Movie ‘Frozen’ About Not Shaving for Movember

To celebrate Movember, a charity event that asks men to stop shaving for the month of November, Jesse Hawkins from the band In the Wilderness and Richard Annett created the music video “Let It Grow“, a parody of the popular song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen.

For comparison, here is the original beardless version of the song.

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Man Grows a Spectacular Cat-Themed Mustache for Movember

Jonathan Burnside Feline Movember Mustache 2013

Orlando, Florida teacher Jonathan Burnside grew a spectacular cat-themed mustache for this year’s Movember event. You can help Burnside raise funds for men’s health awareness on his Movember profile page.

Here is what Jonathan had to say about his mustache:

“I just did a handlebar moustache and then cut half of it off,” he explained. “I made a template to get the basic shape. Then I shaved negative space lines for the details, which did not show up on camera. Then my wife did an outline in eye liner, which also did not show up on camera. I then just went ahead and outlined it in Sharpie.”

Here is his mustache from 2012:

Jonathan Burnside Movember Mustache 2012

images via Developing Burnside

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Man Documents His Movember Facial Hair Progress With Hilarious Celebrity-Inspired Selfies

Bug Hall as Carl Switzer (Alfalfa)

Bug Hall as Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer

Movember participant Ben Judd is giving his Instagram followers a laugh while he helps build awareness for men’s health issues. To document his facial hair progress, Ben takes hilarious celebrity-inspired selfies. You can donate to his Movember campaign and view more of his great photos on Instagram.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Gene Hackman as Royal Tenenbaum

Gene Hackman as Royal Tenenbaum

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie

John Cleese as Basil Fawlty

John Cleese as Basil Fawlty

Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr.

images via Ben Judd

via, My Modern Metropolis

Nick Offerman’s Mustache Sings & ‘Stachedances’ For Movember

Actor, writer, woodworker, and mustache extraordinaire Nick Offerman has teamed up with Made Man again to help promote this year’s month-long Movember event. In this great PSA video, Nick’s excited mustache sings and does a wild “stachedance” to the 1983 song “Flashdance… What a Feeling” by Irene Cara. Last year, Nick shared his useful tips for growing a mustache.

The owner of America’s manliest mo shows what a feeling facial hair can be. Trust us, you’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Nick Offerman Kicks Off Movember by Presenting Great Moments in Moustache History

Actor, writer, woodworker, and mustache extraordinaire Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation) has joined forces with Made Man once again to kick off this year’s month-long Movember event. This time, he presents great moments in moustache history. Last year, Nick gave us useful tips on growing out a moustache.

America’s manliest moustache is back for Movember 2013—and highlighting how the mo got us where we are today. Grow your own, join our team and help make the world a healthier, furrier place at

David’s Big Problem, A Movember Short That Defends Moustaches

A moustache doesn’t make you creepy. Being creepy makes you creepy.

For Movember, the prostrate cancer & mens’ health awareness/moustache-growing event, TAXI 2 with Radke Films created “David’s Big Problem,” a humorous short that follows a moustached guy named David who wonders why people don’t like being around him. The short defends moustaches and is clear that it’s not David’s ‘stache that makes him creepy. Donate to Movember charities at the Movember site.

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