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Emergency Santa Kit, A Can Filled With a Santa Hat & Inflatable Beard


Christmas spirit in a can!

The Emergency Santa Kit by Archie McPhee is a tin filled with a Santa Claus hat and a white inflatable beard to allow for on-the-fly Yuletide shenanigans. We have previously posted about Archie McPhee’s other inflatable beards.

Go from ho-hum to ho ho ho

It’s instant Christmas spirit in a tin! Say you’re on a long flight, and everyone around you is frowning and grumpy. Just open the tin, inflate the beard, put on the hat, and shake your belly like a bowl full o’ jelly. Before you know it, everyone will be sitting on your lap, talking about their hopes and dreams, and asking you for presents. Kit includes a Santa hat, sized to fit most adult heads, and an inflatable beard with elastic loops that go around your ears. Go from ho-hum to ho ho ho.

Inflatable Cthulhu Beard, Inflatable Evil From Another Dimension

Evil beard

Described as “inflatable evil from another dimension,” the Inflatable Cthulhu Beard by Archie McPhee is a simple way to don a green tentacled beard in minutes. To complete the look, try wearing it along with their Inflatable Cthulhu Arm and Cthulhu Tentacles. It’s available to purchase at their online store.

Who wouldn’t want the same facial hair as HP Lovecraft’s most famous creation? Especially when you realize it’s a beard of tentacles. This inflatable tentacle beard will appeal to nerds, octopus lovers and worshippers of the Old Gods! Just put the elastic loops around your ears and you’ll instantly look like you’re transforming into an ancient horror from another dimension. Just think, Cthulhu cult members have to chant for years to get a beard like this, but you can get yours with only a few puffs.

Inflatable Beard of Bees, The Bee Beard That Won’t Sting You

Beard of Bees

It’s the bee beard you’ve always dreamed of owning.”

The Inflatable Beard of Bees by Archie McPhee promises that it “won’t sting you” and will impress the opposite sex. To be sure, top that look off with their Inflatable Toupée.

Ingenuous instant inflatable insect invention

When a beekeeper wants to impress the ladies, he puts a queen bee in a small cage under his chin and waits for the other bees to swarm and form a “beard” on his face and body. That sounds like a lot of bother when you could get the same effect with just a couple of puffs of air. This inflatable, vinyl Beard of Bees is 10″ long with elastic hoops that go around your ears. Best of all, there is no chance of getting stung! If you want to say “bee mine” to your honey, just wear this Inflatable Beard of Bees and you’ll be all the buzz. The perfect gift for the apiarist.

Beard of Bees

The Super Awesome Show!, A New Web Series by Archie McPhee

“David Wahl! Get away from me with those pickle fingers!”

Archie McPhee employees, Director of Awesome David Wahl and the High Priestess of Rubber Chickens Shana Iverson, are now hosting a quirky new web series called The Super Awesome! Show. Episode 1 is up and it highlights some new and awesome Archie McPhee products like the sporting Inflatable Beard, the dapper Tentacle Mustache, Bacon Candy Canes and much more.

Inflatable Beard, An Instant Beard for Gentleman

Why go through the awkward, itchy hassle of growing a real beard when you can just keep one of these Inflatable Beards in your pocket and be bearded in a matter of seconds?

Archie McPhee, purveyors of pop culture, have invented the Inflatable Beard product for gentleman to instantly classify themselves as “distinguished, dignified and debonair”. Between this and their fingerless Handerpants, it may be difficult for men wearing them to “hold back the ladies”.

In our recent post, Photos: A Tour of Archie McPhee Headquarters, you may remember Archie McPhee’s Graphic Manager, Scott King, donning one of the prototype beards.

image via Archie McPhee