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Magician Dresses as Marty McFly From ‘Back To The Future’ & Performs Magic Tricks at San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Magician Stuart Edge had fun by dressing up as Marty McFly from Back to the Future and performing magic tricks for other attendees while at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

music by Jake Hawken – “Yo-Yo Kid

Kind Subway Passengers Allow a Stranger to Sleep on Their Shoulders in New York City

Charidy created this video after being “inspired by a picture that went viral” of a man peacefully sleeping on the shoulder of another kind person on a subway. They decided to test the thoughtfulness of others by sending Meir Kalmanson out with cameraman Saul Sudin to “accidentally” fall asleep on random people riding the subways in New York City. Previously, we wrote about a similar video by Stuart Edge where he and friends fell asleep on strangers.

music by Josh Kramer – “Happy Times

via Gothamist

Magician Surprises Pizza Delivery Drivers by Turning Their $5 Tip Into $100

Magician Stuart Edge took it upon himself to surprise a few friendly pizza delivery drivers by magically turning their $5 tip into $100. While Stuart was performing the trick, he had a camera filming their reactions. Previously, we wrote about when Andrew Hales and Stuart amazed waiters and waitresses with a $200 tip.

October is National Pizza Month, so what better way to celebrate than eating a lot of pizza and helping someone at the same time.

music by Scott & Brendo – “Somewhere

Servers React to a Surprise $200 Tip

Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Stuart Edge recently teamed up in Orem, Utah to surprise a few friendly waiters and waitresses with a $200 tip and film their reactions.

Waiters in Utah make 2.13/hr. Went around Orem to some of the diners late one night, been wanting to do this idea for a while, finally pulled it off with Stuart’s help.

music by Scott & Brendo – “Little Voices

Pranksters Sweep Strangers Off Their Feet & Greet Them With a Kiss

Pranksters Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Stuart Edge have teamed up and created two new social experiments where they sweep random girls off of their feet and greet unsuspecting strangers with a kiss. Previously, we’ve written about numerous pranks and social experiments by Andrew and Stuart.

videos via LAHWF and Stuart Edge

Magician Proposes to Strangers After Fooling Them With a Card Trick

Magician Stuart Edge went up to total strangers and asked for their hand in marriage after fooling them a card trick. Stuart started off by telling the stranger that they were in his dream last night and, in this dream, they asked him to turn over a certain card from his deck. He then asks them to think of a card while he magically makes it appear, proving that the dream was real. He ends it all by dropping to one knee and pulling out an engagement ring.

Here is behind-the-scenes footage and a tutorial showing how Stuart performed his card trick:

videos via Stuart Edge, The Card Trick Teacher

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

How New Yorkers React to Strangers Falling Asleep on the Subway

The latest prank video by Stuart Edge shows how New Yorkers react to strangers falling asleep on them in the subway.

video via Stuart Edge

Magician Helps the Homeless by Turning $1 Into $100 With a Fist Bump

Generous magician Stuart Edge took $1,000 of his own money to the streets of Provo and Orem, Utah in an attempt to help the homeless with a money magic trick. By giving 10 different homeless men and women a friendly fist bump, Stuart was able to turn each of their $1 bills into $100 bills while, at the same time, brightening their day.

The people we had in the video were all very grateful for what we gave them. We made sure to talk to them a little beforehand and make sure they really needed it and would be able to use it for good things.

Here is a behind the scenes video showing how Stuart planned his magic trick out:

Money Magic Trick For Homeless

videos and image via Stuart Edge

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Burning Man 1996 Website & Netcast by iSTORM

Burning Man 1996

The first Burning Man website was on The Well until after the 1995 event, when the webmaster decided to move on and it needed a new home. In 1996, Burning Man veteran Stuart Mangrum was working at the web design company LVL Interactive in Palo Alto and he offered to develop a new website for Burning Man. Stuart, along with David Beach and an awesome team of developers worked on a new design which became part of iSTORM, a cutting edge, rich media website that was a side project of LVLi.

Media Circus

Along with the new website, they put together the first real netcast from Burning Man, using steaming technology by MediaCast and internet connectivity through InterNex.Net. In those days I was shooting a lot of video, so I volunteered to help out with the netcast. I would run around the playa shooting video of interesting stuff and then come back to the RV, where Beach would digitize and then upload the video to the website. I remember how excited we were to know that we were sending out photos and video live from the playa, digital pioneers, we were.

Burning Man 1996

Recently Beach was cleaning out some of his clutter and came across the old files and media from the Burning Man 1996 website and netcast. He uploaded the photos and videos he found and reconstructed the Burning Man 1996 website, posting it online as well.

Some of the videos Beach uploaded were those I shot, including clips of Chris de Monterey with the iSTORM pocket protector that was being handed out at the event, Dan Miller leading the raising of the man and the SEEMEN “Clappy Boy” machine.

In 1997 I ended up going to work for LVLi as well, staying there through 1998. After the 1996 event, the Burning Man website was brought in-house by the Burning Man organization and I joined the original Burning Man web team, working as the webmaster from 1997 through 1999. The LVLi gig was my last regular job before going full-time with Laughing Squid and the rest, as the say, is history.