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A Helpful List of Sexual ‘Thanksgiving InnuenDON’TS’ to Watch Out For

Parent Safety: Thanksgiving InnuenDON’TS by HowToBeADad

Fathers Andy Herald and Charlie Capen, of the entertaining “how-not-to” parenting website How to Be a Dad, have created a funny / helpful list of Thanksgiving themed sexual innuendos to try and “not” use during the holiday. We have previously written about and their great collection of original parenting tips / tricks.

While unmarried, kidless couples sometimes run some laps in the Sex Deprivation race, parents are obviously the long-distance marathon runners of the sport. After so many “days without,” they can easily fall victim to reading sexy things into the simplest, completely innocent statements.

So, protect yourself from yourself and each other. Don’t accidentally get your partner’s hopes up. Especially if you know their hopes are on a hair-trigger and ready to go off at the slightest hint. Even if there’s really no hint. Of sex or bacon.

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Top Secret Upcoming Star Wars Film Titles by Disney

Finding Yoda by

Fathers Andy Herald and Charlie Capen of the entertaining “how-not-to” parenting website have released an illustrated series of Disney and Star Wars film title mashups that take popular films from both franchises, forces them together and makes them one. You can view descriptions for each “top-secret” movie title at We have previously written about and their great original content.

We have been corresponding with Disney about the Lucasfilm acquisition, even before the purchase was final. And they have given us inside access about the development of these new films. So, we present to you, without approval by Disney and its stakeholders, the new, top-secret titles of the upcoming Star Wars films under Disney management!

Droid Story by

Peter Padawan by

The Lightsaber in the Stone by

Pirates of the Empire: The Kessel Run by

Beauty and the Wookiee by

101 Jawas by

Darth White & the Seven Sandpeople by

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Baby Hjölster, A Western Gun Holster Parody of The Baby Björn Carrier

Bad Product Idea #7: Baby Hjölster by

The Baby Hjölster is a funny western gun holster parody of the Baby Björn infant carrier thought up and made to look real by Dads Andy Herald and Charlie Capen of the entertaining “how-not-to” parenting website This is one of many made up items that Charlie and Andy have created for their ongoing Bad Product Ideas series.

If this was a real product, it wouldn’t just be for the recently-parented couple with a wagon-wheel coffee table and more pairs of boots than shoes (though it’d be mandatory for those). The Baby Hjölster infant holster carrier would be perfect for anyone who was a little bit country, maybe even a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. It’d also be great for dads with a new kid in town, that just didn’t feel comfortable with conventional baby carriers.

Baby Hjölster! Definitely a bad product idea, but a fun one for sure, and probably especially useful for anyone who needed to quickdraw a baby that just made a flash flood in their not-so-long johns.

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Baby Sleep Positions


How To Be A Dad takes a look the nighttime challenges presented by various Baby Sleep Positions.

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