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‘Thorigami’, A Mighty Thor Puppet Attempts to Show How to Make a Paper Swan Using His Hammer on ‘Glove and Boots’

On a recent episode of Glove and Boots, appropriately titled “Thorigami,” a mighty puppet version of Marvel superhero Thor tries his best to show us all how to make a paper swan using his iconic Mjölnir hammer. Things just do not go as planned for the muscular Norse God of thunder and lightning.

Thor vs. Tiny Piece of Paper

Glove and Boots Product Test Four Items That They Found at Local Dollar Stores

In their latest episode of Glove and Boots, Internet puppets Fafa the Groundhog and Mario product test (previously) four items that they found while looking around at a few local dollar stores. They compare “crappy cups” from the dollar store to more expensive red Solo cups, the duo shares their thoughts on the quality of dollar store action figures, and more.