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Firing People at a Mountain With a Giant Slingshot

Filmmaker Devin Graham (aka “Devin Super Tramp”) created a video of a group of friends firing one another at a mountain using a giant slingshot. Some riders ate pizza or drank soda as they flew back and forth, while others were inside sleeping bags or inner tubes. Previously we wrote about another human slingshot used for launching daredevils into a lake.

Assassin’s Creed Parkour in Real Life at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Chris Romwell free runs through the streets surrounding San Diego Comic-Con 2013 wearing a costume from the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag video game in this amazing parkour video by filmmaker Devin Graham, also known as Devin Super Tramp.

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Halo Medley, A Fan-Made ‘Halo’ Music Video Starring Musicians Lindsey Stirling & William Joseph

Filmmaker Devin Graham (aka “Devin Super Tramp“) has created “Halo Medley,” a fan-made music video based on the Halo video game franchise starring musicians Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph.

Lightning-Fast Jump Rope Tricks by Adrienn Banhegyi

Cirque de Soleil performer Adrienn Banhegyi shows off her world champion jump rope skills in this video shot by Devin Graham.

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Double Human Slingshot Launches Daredevils into a Lake

Only 4 ribs were broken, two toes, and two people knocked out unconscious in the middle of the lake.

Filmmaker Devin Graham (aka “Devin Super Tramp“) captured a group of his daredevil friends on film as they were launched into the air off of two separate ramps while riding on an inner tube. The tubes were being pulled by a powerful machine and two heavy-duty cords, which is described as the ‘human slingshot.’ The riders reached heights of around 60 feet high at speeds of 40 mph.

music by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (feat. Eyes Lips Eyes) – “Place To Be

video via Devin Super Tramp

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Swinging Through a Canyon on a 400 Foot Rope Swing

Filmmaker Devin Graham (aka “Devin Super Tramp“) captured a group of his friends on film as they take turns swinging through a canyon on a 400 foot rope swing. You can watch the behind-the-scenes video by Devin and video blog shot on sight by ShayCarl below to get a better look at how deep the insane drop actually was.

music by Scott & Brendo – “Kitten Air

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Experts Demonstrate the Flyboard Water-Powered Jet Pack

The acrobatic capabilities of the Flyboard, a water-powered jet pack, are demonstrated by a team of expert “pilots” in this video by Devin Graham. Flyboard was created by French jet ski racer Franky Zapata (we previously posted about Flyboard shortly after its introduction in 2011).