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‘Lightspeed’, Stop-Motion Animated Light Paintings of People and Animals Moving Across Nighttime Landscapes

“Lightspeed” is the latest short video to showcase the talents of Los Angeles-based photographer Darren Pearson (previously), capturing stop-motion animated light paintings of a slew of figures, including people and animals, as they move around an ever-changing selection of nighttime landscapes.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Light Goes On, Light Painting Animation of a Skateboarding Skeleton

“Light Goes On” is an animated light painting video of a skateboarding and dancing skeleton by photographer Darren Pearson. To create the video, Pearson spent a year shooting more than 700 light painting photos. He has much more light painting photography and video on his website.


submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Spot Check, Animated Light Painting of a Skateboarding Skeleton

Spot Check GIF

Spot Check by Darren Pearson is an animated GIF made from a series of light painting photos that show a skeleton grinding down a handrail on a skateboard. We have previously written about Darren and his light painting work.

Spot Check

images via Darren Pearson

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Breaking Bones, Animated Light Painting of a Break Dancing Skeleton

Breaking Bones

Breaking Bones by Darren Pearson is a fantastic animated gif of a series of light painting photos of a break dancing skeleton on Venice Beach, CA. Here’s some of Darren’s other work that we have posted about previously.

breaking bones - sequence

breaking bones

photos by Darren Pearson

submitted by Darren Pearson

Light Fossils, Beautiful Dinosaur Light Paintings

staggering stegosaurus


mythical mammoth

Light Fossils by Darren Pearson, is a beautiful series of Light Paintings of dinosaurs, some of which are available as prints.

via Flickr Blog

photos by Darren Pearson