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Collage Portrait of Steve Jobs Made Out of Salvaged Computer Parts by Jason Mecier

Steve Jobs Collage Portrait by Jason Mecier

Artist Jason Mecier created this wonderful collage portrait of Steve Jobs out of used computer parts and peripherals (including a number of Apple products). See our previous posts on Mecier’s clever collage art.

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Beef Jerky Mosaic Portrait of Sasquatch by Jason Mecier

Sasquatch in Beef Jerky

Mosaic artist Jason Mecier recently created a spectacular portrait of Sasquatch from 80 bags of beef jerky. He partnered on the piece with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky as a way to celebrate National Beef Jerky Day (June 12). Jason’s artwork has been featured several times in the past on Laughing Squid.

Jason Mecier working on Sasquatch

Jason Mecier working on Sasquatch

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Portrait of Michael Douglas as Liberace Uses Over 4000 Mike & Ikes


Inspired by the recent HBO movie Behind the Candelabra, San Francisco-based impressionistic artist Jason Mecier spent over 40 hours to make this portrait of Michael Douglas as Liberace using over 4000 Mike & Ike candies.

image via Jason Mecier

Portrait of Kevin Bacon Made Out of Bacon

Kevin Bacon

For his ongoing celebrity portrait series, San Francisco-based artist Jason Mecier has created a meaty portrait of actor Kevin Bacon out of bacon.

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Barack Obameat & Meat Romney, Election Meat Snack Portraits

Meat Portraits

Earlier in 2012, mosaic artist Jason Mecier used 80 bags of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky to create a portrait of Sasquatch for their Snackin’ With Sasquatch campaign. Mecier has collaborated with Jack Link’s again and has created Barack Obameat & Meat Romney, 3D meat portraits of President Barack Obama and the presumptive Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Be sure to check out Meat the Meatheads – The Making of Barack Obameat & Meat Romney, a short behind-the-scenes video that shows Mecier making these awesome election portaits. You can vote for your favorite “Meathead” (including Sasquatch) at the Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Facebook page. Jason’s artwork has been featured several times in the past on Laughing Squid.

The portraits, dubbed Barack Obameat and Meat Romney, each took Mecier approximately 50 hours to produce. Mecier used a variety of flavors including Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky, Jack Link’s Turkey Jerky, Jack Link’s Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky, Jack Link’s Original Smokehouse Beef Jerky and more to build each savory salute to the year’s biggest race.


Jason Mecier

Jason Mecier

images via Jason Mecier

Snoop Dogg Mosaic Portrait Made Entirely Out of Marijuana and Hash

If it’s an odd celebrity mosaic portrait, it must be the work of artist Jason Mecier. This time he’s really outdone himself with his dope Snoop Dogg portrait made entirely of marijuana and hash. The work will be on display at La Luz de Jesus Gallery from November 4 to 27, 2011 but alas collectors, it’s already been sold.

We recently posted about Jason’s other mosaic portraits made out of interesting things in Licorice Flix: Edible Movie Mosaics by Jason Mecier and Celebrity JunkDrawers, Mosaic Celebrity Portraits Made From Their Junk.

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image via Jason Mecier

Licorice Flix: Edible Movie Mosaics by Jason Mecier

Artist Jason Mecier is creating ten new artwork pieces for his new portrait series, Licorice Flix: Edible Movie Mosaics, which depicts scenes from his favorite movies made out of Red Vines licorice candy. Mecier just launched a fundraising campaign to help defray the costs of bringing the artwork down to Los Angeles gallery, iam8bit, for a new exhibition of his work on November 3, 2011. It will also help pay for a lot of Red Vines.

We recently posted about Jason Mecier’s artwork in the post, Celebrity JunkDrawers, Mosaic Celebrity Portraits Made From Their Junk.

image via Jason Mecier

Celebrity JunkDrawers, Mosaic Celebrity Portraits Made From Their Junk

Amy (Sedaris) sent me a box of her craft book leftovers! Highlights include hundreds of Pom-pon’s, felt, pipe cleaners, crepe paper, clothes pins, gingham fabric from her outfits, 9 yarn covered hangers and a Ricola wrapper.

The Go-Go’s junk portrait! Highlights include Gina’s drumsticks, prescription bottles and gold teeth, Kathy’s easter eggs and credit cards, Belinda’s bracelets, Charlotte’s lip-gloss, and Jane’s Listerine, foot scrub, hair dye and Tampons!

Florence Henderson made out of her junk! cassette tape and silk flowers, show flyers, Brady Bunch script, key to the city, Brady Bunch matchbox car, potpourri heart, New York rhinestone pin & silver pumps, vintage pitch master, “looking great feeling great” VHS

Allee (Willis) gave me and Charles Phoenix a private tour of her storage unit and let me hand pick items to use on her portrait. I had a general idea for the color scheme so if i saw anything orange or green or exceptionally awesome I would hold it up, and if she had at least 2 of the item she would let me have it. Every single item on that portrait is pretty special but I particularly like the blue chip stamp collection for her skin. Also the green rubber hot dogs in the background.

Mosaic portrait artist Jason Mecier first caught my eye way back in 1995 when I was handed his Nancy Sinatra (done in pasta) portrait poster while exiting her Fillmore concert. Since then, that poster has proudly hung in all the various homes I’ve resided in, so I was especially pleased to see how his work has developed over the years. His most recent and wonderfully kitschy Celebrity JunkDrawers series uses the actual junk of celebrities and pop culture icons (that they gladly fork over) to create their portraits.

photos by Jason Mecier

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The Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch, An Online Place for aKitschionados

The Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch (AWMoK) is an online community place where lovers of Kitsch, affectionately named aKitschionados, come together to share their “own prized Kitsch”. Curator of this online museum, Allee Willis, was a very early adopter of the internet and created one of the earliest social media outlets, willisville, partnered with award-winning creative visualist Prudence Fenton. Combining her own extensive real-life collections with a social media outlet, she created AWMoK to bring together other like-minded folks and to create the world’s largest documented collection of kitsch. Kitsch lovers can register to become part of the aKitschionado community at AWMoK and begin showing off treasured artifacts.

Today marks the anniversary that the Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch opened two years ago, not coincidentally on September 21, 2009. One of the many hit songs by Allee, September, for funk band Earth, Wind and Fire starts “Do you remember…the 21st night of September?”.

Amazingly accomplished, Allee is “a Grammy winning songwriter (September, Boogie Wonderland, Neutron Dance, What Have I Done To Deserve This, the Friends theme), a Grammy, Tony and Emmy nominated composer (The Color Purple musical), and award winning artist, graphic designer, set designer, interactive multimedia artist”. She has also addressed Congress on copyright laws, spoken at Harvard University, is known for hosting amazing theme parties, discovered the musical group The Del Rubio Triplets (plus so much more) and is connected to nearly every pop culture celebrity in existence.

A big fan of kitsch myself, I was introduced to AWMoK and Allee herself, earlier this year when I hosted a “For the Love of Kitsch” party at my home and I’ve since become active in the aKitschionado community. A month ago, I was invited to visit Allee’s home, Willis Wonderland, for a pre-Fluff Festival aKitschionado gathering. I not only got to see her absolutely incredible real-life kitschy collections but I also got to make a Fluffernutter cake in her kitchen (with some help from Cherpumple inventor, Charles Phoenix). I also got to see Allee’s own beautiful Celebrity JunkDrawers mosaic portrait by Jason Mecier up close.

On October 18, 2011, Allee will take the stage for the first time since 1974 in a live show, Allee Willis’ Soup to Nuts Party Mix, at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, California starting at 7 PM. The evening promises songs, stories, party games, prizes and junk food.

photos by Jennie Warren and Dina