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Barack Obameat & Meat Romney, Election Meat Snack Portraits

Meat Portraits

Earlier in 2012, mosaic artist Jason Mecier used 80 bags of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky to create a portrait of Sasquatch for their Snackin’ With Sasquatch campaign. Mecier has collaborated with Jack Link’s again and has created Barack Obameat & Meat Romney, 3D meat portraits of President Barack Obama and the presumptive Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Be sure to check out Meat the Meatheads – The Making of Barack Obameat & Meat Romney, a short behind-the-scenes video that shows Mecier making these awesome election portaits. You can vote for your favorite “Meathead” (including Sasquatch) at the Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Facebook page. Jason’s artwork has been featured several times in the past on Laughing Squid.

The portraits, dubbed Barack Obameat and Meat Romney, each took Mecier approximately 50 hours to produce. Mecier used a variety of flavors including Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky, Jack Link’s Turkey Jerky, Jack Link’s Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky, Jack Link’s Original Smokehouse Beef Jerky and more to build each savory salute to the year’s biggest race.


Jason Mecier

Jason Mecier

images via Jason Mecier

Snoop Dogg Mosaic Portrait Made Entirely Out of Marijuana and Hash

If it’s an odd celebrity mosaic portrait, it must be the work of artist Jason Mecier. This time he’s really outdone himself with his dope Snoop Dogg portrait made entirely of marijuana and hash. The work will be on display at La Luz de Jesus Gallery from November 4 to 27, 2011 but alas collectors, it’s already been sold.

We recently posted about Jason’s other mosaic portraits made out of interesting things in Licorice Flix: Edible Movie Mosaics by Jason Mecier and Celebrity JunkDrawers, Mosaic Celebrity Portraits Made From Their Junk.

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image via Jason Mecier

Licorice Flix: Edible Movie Mosaics by Jason Mecier

Artist Jason Mecier is creating ten new artwork pieces for his new portrait series, Licorice Flix: Edible Movie Mosaics, which depicts scenes from his favorite movies made out of Red Vines licorice candy. Mecier just launched a fundraising campaign to help defray the costs of bringing the artwork down to Los Angeles gallery, iam8bit, for a new exhibition of his work on November 3, 2011. It will also help pay for a lot of Red Vines.

We recently posted about Jason Mecier’s artwork in the post, Celebrity JunkDrawers, Mosaic Celebrity Portraits Made From Their Junk.

image via Jason Mecier