Seafoam Palace of Arts and Amusements, A Museum of Curiosities Being Created in Detroit

Seafoam Palace Building

Julia Solis, urban explorer, author, photographer, and founder of such projects as Dark Passage and Ars Subterranea has announced her latest undertaking, the Seafoam Palace of Arts and Amusements and Dead Things in Jars (Facebook), a museum of curiosities that is being created in Detroit, Michigan. Julia, along with fellow “Instigators” and “Co-Conspirators”, including Shel Kimen, Paul Parkhill, Bryan Papciak, Tom Kirsch and Laughing Squid partner John Law, is working to get the space together for a public opening in late 2014.

The Seafoam Palace is a place that celebrates curiosity, exploration, and the marvelous. We’re currently in the process of setting up an exhibition space that will feature a permanent collection as well as rotating displays by a wide range of artists. Our aim is to explore new meanings of curiosity through artistic interpretations of scientific and anthropological phenomena and artifacts. Some of the exhibitions will be modeled on classic cabinets of curiosity, which were collections of strange and wonderful ephemera from such fields as natural history, anatomy, mineralogy and folklore. At the same time we want to encourage new ways of thinking about objects of curiosity and what they might mean to us at this point in time.

Seafoam Palace Horse Statue

Seafoam Palace Bing Nut

Seafoam Palace Medical Instruments

Seafoam Palace

Seafoam Seahorse

images by Julia Solis via Facebook

via Hyperallergenic

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